BizHammer Digital Marketing Launches Pay Per Results Programs

bizhammer digital marketing website screenshot

Louisiana based SMB consulting group BizAnvil Inc. announces launch of BizHammer, it’s newest platform focused on pay per results marketing for businesses.

Founded by industry veterans and driven by the same principles (and principals) that brought BizAnvil to market, the new advertising and SMB marketing platform is definitely outside the box. Delivering tons of value to clients is the goal and three recently launched flagship PPR programs make the message clear: We’re here to win by helping YOU win, or it’s on the house. 

The standard martech offerings are here; including Facebook, Google, YouTube et. al., advertising creation and management; content marketing; social media campaigns; web development; print ad campaigns, and other expected vehicles. Plans and pricing options are varied with most offerings available a la cart or bundled.

BizHammer digital marketing agencyBut the similarities to it’s SMB marketing agency counterparts end right there. BizHammer may indeed live up to it’s promise of being your ‘digital marketing hammer’ with a selection of disruptive marketing offers and platforms that focus on pay-per-result marketing which is very rare for a consultancy.

BizHammer pay-per-results marketing programs announced just this week?

  • PPR Email Marketing: Clients can now access over 30M opt-in consumers with hyper-targeted email offers using their InboxHammer service. If they fail to filter-match your persona, there is no charge.
  • PPR SEO: With SERPHammer, clients can now get world-class SEO (Nat & Local) done at no risk. You pay only when your site starts listing on page one of search results.
  • PPR CashBack Advertising: BizHammer’s totally results focused RewardsHammer program partners with megatech and finance powerhouses like Visa, MC, AMEX, BoA,, Empyr, and Yext to provide cost free advertising to over 200M consumers for cashback rewards.

Reps at BizAnvil are proud of their new baby. CMO Dwayne Coots beams,

“There’s so much noise and scramble in the SMB marketing sphere, the natural progression is pay per results. Owners are exhausted by endless promises and lackluster results in this ever changing game. If they hear another pitch or watch another webinar on SEO or Social Media Marketing they’ll rupture an artery. Grifters are everywhere, and the whole Covid thing made them even more cagey and suspicious of diamond Jim marketiers. BizHammer is coming out of the gate with proven, trackable see-results-before-you-pay offerings. It’s the new math and the new path for SMBs and service providers.”

Industry-wide adoption of this ‘new path’ approach remains to be seen. For business owners and marketing directors however, the BizHammer menu of PPR marketing and advertising strategies is a very welcomed breath of fresh air.

BizHammer is a wholly owned subsidiary of BizAnvil, Inc.